Ending on a High Note

Phoebe Rex’s hobbies in the arts


McKenzie Jackson

Senior Phoebe Rex posing in Downtown Sanger after a choir performance for the 39th Annual Christmas Tree Lighting.

Phoebe Rex, a senior, is a member of the Sanger High Chamber Choir.
In addition to her participation in the choir, Rex is also a hula dancer. Rex balances the two activities despite also being in the plant science pathway, FFA, and starting a job at In-N-Out.
Rex first joined choir in sixth grade at Quail Lake Environmental Charter School, and continued into eighth grade. Later on in high school, Rex rejoined choir in her junior year, and has been singing ever since.
In the women’s ensemble and chamber choir, Rex has been singing as soprano one. Soprano is the highest female part, and requires the singer to sing higher notes.
One of Rex’s favorite parts of being in choir is the performances.
“It feels like all our hard work has paid off,” Rex said.
The choir had their Fall concert on Oct. 18, in which Rex sang with the chamber choir.
Zayira Salvador, a senior member of the chamber choir and a soprano, described Phoebe’s greatest strength as being her ability to hit higher notes.
“She is very talented and she can make those high notes sound beautiful,” said Salvador.
Even though Rex has only been in choir for two years, Rex says that she has a lot of good memories in choir. One of which includes her time in class.
“Like finally hitting a note that’s really high,” said Rex.
Rex’s choir teacher, Daniel Warnecke, has been teaching for 16 years, and has been choir director for 11 years now. Warnecke first had Rex as a student in the fall semester of 2021 when Rex became a part of the women’s ensemble.
“She works hard, is very sweet and respectful, and shows gratitude for being in the choir,” said Warnecke.
One of Warnecke’s favorite memories with Rex involves a recent occasion in class in which Rex sang the song “L-O-V-E”. Warnecke said that Rex sang the song, “in a very sweet,” and “jazzy voice.”
When Rex isn’t singing, you can find her participating in her other hobby, hula dancing.
“Hula dancing is a combination of chanting and dance,” says Rex, “It’s really beautiful, in most dances you’re trying to convey a story or emotion.”
Rex has been hula dancing for two years, but has always been involved in dance early on.
“I’ve always kind of danced,” says Rex, “I did ballet and tap when I was a kid.”
In an effort to continuously stay on top of all her commitments, Rex balances her schedule through staying organized
“The way I manage and keep track of things like my schedule for the day is writing things down,” said Rex.
In terms of life after high school, Rex has expressed the desire to continue in choir.
“I want to continue Choir after high school whether that’s at the school or in the community,” said Rex.