Keeping crocheted flowers in bloom

Senior Jaelyn Barr creates unique floral bouquets


Christianna Schiotis

Jaelyn Barr crocheting a new addition to her creations for her customers at Sanger High.

Jaelyn Barr, a senior at Sanger High School, has a business of creating crochet flower bouquets for the people around her to add something interesting and different to the fresh flower bouquets.
“I started with a family friend’s class to learn, then I branched off on my own. I wanted to make things people would find interesting and different,” said Barr.
Barr’s friends and family keep her motivated at expanding her business and making her creations.
“Some people who motivate me are my parents and friends as they encourage me to keep doing what I enjoy. Also having the patience and motivation to do something not many people can,” said Barr.
One of Barr’s first creations was one of her favorites, making these bouquets showed how much she loved making the bouquets.
“One project I recently made was Sunflower Cow, it was fun to make and my first time as well. I love how it turned out” said Barr.
Barr loves painting just as much as she loves to do other arts and crafts.
“I enjoy arts and crafts as well, especially painting. It is also a passion I have along with crochet,” said Barr.
A friend of Barrs, senior Regina Avalos, says that Barr gives her best in every creation she does by hand.
“I would describe Jaelyn’s business as very well made, since she makes everything handmade she takes her time to give her customers the very best,” said Avalos.
Senior Jasmine Sanchez, who is also a friend, said Barr and her business is very trustworthy.
“Just from having her in a class, you can tell how creative she is, as well as friendly. Knowing the type of person Jaelyn is makes her business very trustworthy to me; I know she made this business with the right intentions and crochets each bouquet with care,” said Sanchez
Avalos and other friends were there for Barr every step of the way encouraging her to begin her business.
“I came about her business since I’ve known her for a long time and she always had been a crafty person, me and our friends encouraged her to start a page and start selling. I’ve always supported her in this business and I want her to be very successful,” said Avalos.
Sanchez is very proud of Barr for furthering her business out and making all the bouquets that she does.
“It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to turn a passion into a successful venture. I hope that her business continues to thrive and bring joy to customers with her beautiful bouquets,” said Sanchez.
Barr made Avalos a bouquet for her birthday which has been one of her favorite creations by Barr because of the flowers she added to it.
“My favorite bouquet that she’s made has to be the one she made me for my birthday, she included all my favorite flowers,” said Avalos.