‘That girl’ can do it all

Gretta Haiar balances Color Guard, music and ballet


Reyna Plascencia

Gretta Haiar performs with a double on the flag in front of the band room on Feb.

Gretta Haiar juggles school and colorguard, but she doesn’t stop there; she is also currently in ballet.
Haiar, a freshman, states, “I am involved in Color Guard, ballet, baton, as well as piano.”
Tracy Nieves, color guard caption at Sanger High School, states, “Gretta does exceptionally well in guard. She has quick learning and thinking skills that can be seen whenever you work with her.”
Nieves adds, “For it being her first year, Gretta has been able to pick up the technique well and has committed herself very well. She is the definition of hard work and is such a great student overall.”
“I go to Color Guard practice 2 times a week. I go to ballet two times a week,” said Haiar, “I spend 5 hours at Color Guard practice and a half an hour at ballet practice.”
Haiar adds, “The commute [from home] to Sanger High usually takes 13 minutes.”
While being a part of both Color Guard and ballet she keeps up a 3.5 grade point average.
Elizabeth Alfving, a teacher for both English and the education pathway, states, “Gretta is outstanding. She is in the Education Pathway and always does amazing work.”
Alfving adds, “She puts in exceptional effort and goes above and beyond in everything she does.”
In addition, Nieves adds unto her original claims about Haiar.
“I have known Gretta since the beginning of the 2022-23 school year when she first joined the group in August,” said Nieves, “Gretta stands out by just being herself. The group is full of such unique personalities and she is no exception.”
Nieves adds, “Although she might seem quiet at first she exemplifies her hidden personality within performances and it’s almost like seeing another person.”
Moreover, Alfving specifies on what makes Haiar outstanding.
“Gretta goes above and beyond in her work. She consistently exceeds my expectations and I am always excited to see her projects,” said Alfving, “She is also able to get in front of the class on her own and teach a full lesson, which is impressive for everyone but even more so for a freshman.”
Furthermore, Nieves and Alfving believes Haiar has an exciting future.
Nieves lastly states, “Gretta is a great student and a great guard member, I am excited to see how she adds to herself in whatever she does next whether that be academically or through performing arts.”
Alfving adds, “I am confident Gretta will continue to be successful in all she does!”