Inspiring students through faith


Aaron Castro

Club leader Elijah Borsch planning for the FCA breakfast meeting with club members in room 404 on Jan. 31.

One heart at a time, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) has a goal to change many lives. From coaches to students, FCA has issued a challenge to use the athletic platform to share the message of Jesus Christ.
Advisor Jon Foster has been the club advisor for six years. Foster’s relationship with FCA goes as long as 18 years.
“FCA had a big impact on my life when I was in high school, helping me to connect the two big F’s in my life. Faith and Football,” Foster stated.
FCA connects with the community by hosting breakfast on Friday mornings.
“One of the main focuses of FCA is our Friday morning pancake breakfast. We use it as a time to honor the different sports and various groups on campus,” said Foster.
By involving speakers to lecture to students and coaches, FCA focuses on serving people throughout the community.
“FCA also focuses on having a speaker who shares a testimony or message about faith and God in hopes of encouraging and inspiring students and coaches and pointing them to Christ,” said Foster.
FCA opens its arms to anyone who wants to be connected to the community in a simple way.
“You don’t have to be an athlete or Christian to come on Fridays,” Foster added.
Students in FCA hope to get into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and the church. Leaders in the club commit to His word through serving the community and excelling in teamwork.
“We provide breakfast and bring in motivational speakers to talk to the athletes.” said senior and FCA President Jeremiah Boisrond.
Boisrond has been in FCA for four years and shared his reasons for joining the club.
“I really wanted to continue to grow my faith and help lead others,” said Boisrond
FCA meetings include providing breakfast to students and coaches, and involving inspiring speakers to give their testimony on their relationship with Jesus Christ and athletics.
FCA shows their values through strategies of empowerment and engagement with coaches and students, to lead others to do the same.
“We spread the gospel of Jesus through speakers and meetings in the morning with breakfast,” said senior Kaleb Cole.
Cole has been an active club member for four years and has been a leader in the club for three years.
Many students’ reasons for being involved in the club are to grow their religious values and build faith.
Cole is no exception.
“I’m a Christian and this is one of the fun Christian based clubs on campus,” said Cole. “Come check out our club.”