Fun, inclusive physical education with friends


Christianna Schiotis

Marco Falcon and Francisco Regalado III playing basketball on the courts during Special Olympics PE on Feb. 23.

Physical education with friends is a new course offered to students of all abilities that will open in Fall 2023.
It provides students the opportunity to work together in a physical education setting.
Students will work on their leadership skills while working with students with special needs, according to Guidance Learning Specialist Rosie Gonzalez.
This will be an addition to the existing seven P.E. courses offered on campus, including but not limited to classes like dance, sports, band, color guard, or public services.
The SHS course of study handbook states that “students enrolled in the class will be paired with students who have a physical and/or intellectual disability.

Working in pairs, students will develop skills in various sports and finish each unit with a tournament.”
Jessica Clark, a teacher who works in the special education department, said “other districts offer a similar program and we would love to bring that to Sanger High. Also, it allows all students to feel more inclusive.”
Clark said that this class is aimed to focus on students learning from each other and working together to create an inclusive opportunity.
“P.E. with Friends will allow all students the opportunity to practice and learn a variety of sports such as, soccer, volleyball, basketball, softball, track and field, etc,” said Clark.

MaKenzie Montenegro dribbles the ball practicing basketball on the courts. (Miley Araujo )

Clark shared that the goal for all students is to learn from each other and to bring perspective to the environment.
Savannah Scovel, a sophomore, said the class is new this year.
“Yes, I did hear about the new class being offered when we did our registration presentations and I thought it was a good idea,”said Scovel.
Scovel shared some positive beliefs that the class might incorporate everyone playing together and not having to feel excluded.
“I think this class is a good way to really make sure that everyone is included and that everyone will feel welcomed,” Scovel said.
Scovel believes that the class will help people learn to compose themselves.
“I think it will offer students a good way to learn to have patience with people and it will benefit students because they will be able to still do P.E. while doing it in pairs,” said Scovel.
Clark encourages students to join P.E. with Friends.
“It’s an opportunity to learn from others, teach others, be part of something special and make new friends,” said Clark.
The new class will be credited for students’ physical education graduation requirements. It is also a course listed in the Education career course pathway. Any students interested can contact their class counselor for registering for the Fall 2023.