Interrogating future attorneys

Students revive real cases in Mock Trial Club


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The Mock Trial Club take a moment at the first competition of the new year earlier this month.

Some of the best arguments in history have been made in the courtroom and some of Sanger High’s best orators are honing those skills.
The Mock Trial Club is a group that meets and studies past cases in Fresno County in order to begin their own investigation on the case. Advisor Summer Calandra said the club prepares students for a future career in law.
“We are helping create future lawyers,” said Calandra.
This club offers opportunities to be working with a local lawyer to look over the cases that are presented.
“We get to compete at the courthouse. We also have a lot of fun in preparing for competitions since we get to analyze a criminal case. Also, our students get to work with a volunteer lawyer in our community which is invaluable experience,” said Calandra.
The club has different cases that they spend lots of time analyzing, preparing them for competitions.
“I really like piecing parts of the story/connecting the dots of the case we are provided. Every other year, it’s a murder/homicide case,” said the club’s vice-president Sharan Ghotra, who has been a member for two years.
The club’s treasurer Gabriela Huerta, who has been a member for two years, said she was seeking to expand her legal career knowledge to see if they are right for her future.
“My favorite part is the experience and insight it provides to the legal world,” said Huerta. “It also helps us come out of our shells and present evidence in front of an actual judge. “
Ghotra joined the club to further her outlook on these types of careers, because when she gets older she wants to work on becoming a lawyer.
“Being a lawyer was always my dream ever since I watched Legally Blonde for the first time, plus colleges love seeing this kind of extracurricular on applications,” said Ghotra.
Even though the current club is officially only two years old, revived after 20 years, the students are growing a tight bond.
“The environment is very diverse and refreshing compared to other clubs I’ve participated in. You have the extroverted, outgoing speakers working with the quieter, introverted, students. Although the difference in personality, all of us get along pretty well and we can even get dinner together when practices run late,” said Ghotra.
They learn teamwork and allow everyone’s opinion to be heard.
“The environment is friendly and collaborative. We all have to collaborate to create a plan for our case, so here everyone has a voice and a say in what we do,” said Huerta.
Mock Trial members were in competition at press time and even though members said preparation has been stressful, they are confident.
“I’m feeling pretty stressed, but ready. We’ve been preparing since September and I believe we’re ready to take any team,” said Huerta.
Calandra believes that she has put together a powerful team and is almost ready for the competitions. “We have some more work to do but we are a strong team and I’m sure we will do well!” said Calandra.