THIS or THAT: Academic habits vs a long break

Shiloh Delgado, Reporter

In December, students have three weeks off for mental and physical recovery over the winter vacation.
Due to the little time spent in the classroom, some people may argue that winter vacation should be cut short. But this could have a bad effect on a student’s mindset.
Keeping the three week break allows students to spend more time with their families and friends during this time.
Students need to take advantage of winter break to reset their minds. Even a mere 5 or even 50-minutes of sheer relaxation can help students to do better. A longer break renews students’ minds, bodies, boosts their energy, productivity and capacity to concentrate.
The first Sunday in January, which falls during the second week of break is when students will be waiting for the clock to strike midnight and burst into the new year of 2023.
Students will be taking a break from school to spend the day with their families until the clock strikes 12:01 a.m. Both students and staff will be up late celebrating and if the break was only two weeks, everyone would have to return the day after New Year’s Day celebration.
Both teachers and students would lack sufficient time to prepare for their lessons if winter break is cut from three to two weeks.
Teachers have a tendency to overthink things. In addition to dealing with students, they also need more time off to develop new lesson plans.
In addition to getting ready for the upcoming semester, many students and staff also need to take some time for themselves away from school.
December 25 and January 1 aren’t the holidays celebrated by students and staff. Some students’ cultures or religions are observed on different dates and without the extra time, people wouldn’t get to recognize the meaningful celebrations they do every year.
Hanukkah falls on December 18 for those who follow a Judaic religion. More religious holidays are devoted to families, including Bodhi Day and Advent Week. The extra week is much needed because many students are preoccupied with festivies and the time to relax with family and friends.