Are We Safe at School?

Weapons on campus

Imagine you’re in class listening to the teacher and out of nowhere you hear, boom, boom; gunshots roar across campus startling everyone into a panic.
Many scream, cry, freeze, or run. “Everyone under your desk,” says your teacher as they lock the door.
There are more than 2,700 student lives who come to Sanger High each school day to learn.
But many don’t know what might be happening right under our noses on campus. There could be a student with a weapon on them that could be used to harm others.
In this school year alone, we’ve faced four gun threats at press time.
Two were real firearms, while the other two were fake.
It also doesn’t have to be just guns, many kids have been caught with knives or even brass knuckles.
Some may say, well it’s not a daily thing so we’re fine, and I do agree, this campus is quite safe. And I don’t believe anyone is taking that for granted.
But let me just tell you, it is still possible for someone to find a way on this campus, even with our current security methods in place.
When you come to school what’s the first thing you do? You just walk through the gates or doors and you’re in. But without any check of our bags, IDs or metal detectors, someone could possibly walk in with a weapon in their bag.
A student actually threatened another student alleging that he had a weapon on him but this was during after school hours on Tuesday, March 7. It was found that the weapon was an airsoft gun but still, this whole situation is very frightening for everyone.
Incidents like this show the wide range of kids who come on this campus, some with bad intentions, most are good.
Administration says we are safe, which I agree with, to an extent. There are always the “what ifs.” Sure, if something happens we have police and security to try and stop it while it’s unfolding but how do we stop it from even happening?
Metal detectors at the entrances of schools have been a topic of discussion at some schools and maybe we should consider installing them. Many think schools in high crime cities use them, but it’s been shown that school shootings can happen regardless of location or economic status. I’m certain our administration cares deeply about the safety of students on campus but extra precautions need to be taken so that weapons stop finding a way on our campus.