Dashing and passing

Food delivery service leaves a bad taste


Valeria Munoz Reyes

The sign that is posted to remind students of new rule.

Last year, Sanger High allowed the distribution of food from third party delivery services like DoorDash and more. This year, Sanger High decided to get rid of the whole process.

Sanger High Deputy Principal Marcos Mireles said food delivery created a major safety issue on campus.

“There was no way to verify that the food students were receiving hadn’t been tampered with,” said Mireles. It’s difficult to regulate the safety of food if you have no jurisdiction on who delivers it and what students are ordering.

“Food allergies are also a major safety concern, as it’s difficult to control the environment in which these meals are being prepared,” said Mireles.

Even if preparation wasn’t a problem, the organization of the food once it was delivered created its own issues. Last year, Xavier Martinez ordered frequently from DoorDash but had a problem with people attempting to steal his food.

Despite the ban on third party delivery services, students can still receive food from parents or guardians.

“Food drop-offs are only allowed by parents, guardians, or those listed on the emergency contact for students and must be checked into the attendance office,” said Mireles.

Martinez knows he can have food delivered from parents, but isn’t the biggest fan.

“It’s much harder because they have to work and be at places all the time,” said Martinez.

Administration has stated that the food delivery services on campus will not be available in the future.