Juggling sports and academics

Logan Taylor balances volleyball and extracurricular activities


Logan Taylor signs to play volleyball at UC Santa Cruz.

Logan Taylor, a Senior, has been playing volleyball for eight years. He’s been playing since 2015 which for him, was fifth grade.
“After I graduate I plan on attending UC Santa Cruz where I will major in math and continue playing volleyball,” said Taylor.
Taylor was inspired to play volleyball from his family.
“My older brother is the one who inspired me to first start playing volleyball,” said Taylor.
Taylor is also in multiple extracurriculars like being a part of the ASB Board in student government, interact and is the BSU president.
“He is truly a great captain who I can constantly communicate with regarding issues, play, and situations within our team. He is one of if not the top setter in the central valley,” said Scott Okada, the head volleyball coach.
Taylor plans to attend a four year university in UC Santa Cruz. He will be continuing his volleyball journey and majoring in Math.
Aside from his volleyball career, he also enjoys other hobbies in his free time.
“In my off time I like to play video games, play volleyball, or go and hang out with my friends,” said Taylor.
Nicholas Collin has been coaching Taylor for the four years of his high school education and loves coaching volleyball, and admires Taylors traits.
“Logan has tremendous leadership qualities and is one of our hardest working student athletes. He is very reliable and does not shy away from taking ownership of mistakes after a tough loss,” said Collin.

Logan Taylor prepares to serve the ball during a match against Clovis North on May 4. (Shyla Perez )

One of Taylor’s coaches has known him before his volleyball career.
“I have known Logan for more than four years because I also coached his brother Brennan who is two years older than him,” said Okada.
With everything on Taylor’s plate he is still able to manage his time wisely.
“It’s hard to balance everything at once, especially during the season but at the end of the day it comes down to making sure I prioritize getting my work done so that I can stay eligible and continue playing volleyball,” said Taylor.
Coach Okada would like to share a message to Taylor for his sportsmanship.
“I am just very proud of Logan and all that he has accomplished. He is an outstanding example of a student athlete who portrays the best qualities that we want to see from Sanger High School,” said Okada.