Valeria’s homemade jewelry is made with love


Valeria Mercado

Valeria Mercado had her pop up booth at Healthy Blendz for their community appreciation day on Feb. 11 where she showcased her jewelry out for the customers walking in and out of Healthy Blendz.

Senior Valeria Mercado has outstanding skills and a passion for creating jewelry that has turned into her own small business.
When she was 16, Mercado created an Instagram account for her handmade jewelry which became a full blown business in March 2021.
“I made a variety of jewelry such as crystal, eye, floral, letter and earrings, anklets, etc. I always make custom orders as well, it is to the preference of all my customers,” said Mercado.
Mercado said her mother continues to be a role model.
“My mother inspired me to initiate my very own jewelry business because she noticed my creativity and desire to keep busy. She has always instilled the values of hardwork and determination, these values helped me create my own business and see it grow with time,” said Mercado.
Customers love everything that she sells because she’s “responsible, funny, trustworthy and loving.”
“She has great quality and reasonable prices,” said senior Pearl Alvarez, who has supported Mercado for four years.
She is honest, kind, understanding and trustworthy, according to senior Rubi Ramirez, who has known Mercado since elementary school.
Mercado’s advice for someone who wants to start a business is to be open to new ideas and change.
“Life has many beautiful opportunities it offers so don’t be intimidated to challenge yourself,” said Mercado. “With time, your business starts growing unexpectedly.”
Mercado is dedicated to the jewelry business she created during the uncertainy of Covid-19. And, she has goals to keep her business going in the future.
“I definitely see myself promoting my business [further] in the future because it is part of what I love doing! I don’t think I’ll ever stop with my jewelry business because it brings me joy and satisfaction,” said Mercado.
Mercado invites potential customers to check out her jewelry online.
“Feel free to add my Instagram @ringsbyvaleria and message me if you have any questions,” said Mercado