Lacrosse ready for this season


Anaya Ponce

Leah Tillotson draws the ball against a Bullard Knight.

Sanger’s Girl’s Lacrosse team battled and won 13-2 against the Rough Riders on March 2 at home.
The top scorers in the match against Roosevelt were Leah Tillotson with six, Kassidy Stone with two and Isabella Andrade with two.
“It was a strong opening for our team,” said senior captain Leah Tillotson. “We have high hopes for the season.”
The lacrosse season actually started on Feb. 28 with a match against San Joaquin Memorial where the team was down 5-0, but the game was canceled at half-time due to weather conditions.
Senior Hannah Monroy has been playing lacrosse since junior year.
“Lacrosse was something new that I wanted to try when I came to Sanger High,” said Monroy.
Lacrosse wasn’t the only sport that Monroy played.
“I had been playing soccer ever since I was little and wanted to try something unfamiliar and new and soon enough I fell in love with the sport, my teammates, and the overall environment,” said Monroy.
Monroy listens to her favorite music in order to hype her up before any game.
“I listen to my game day playlist with artists like Suicide Boys, Pierre Bourne, Playboi Carti, and Xavier Wulf,” said Monroy.
Tillotson has been playing lacrosse for four years.
“I started playing my freshman year because my sister wanted to try something new during our off season,” said Tillotson.
Before any game Tillotson listens to her go-to artist.
“I listen to Lana Del Rey because she’s a queen and I love her,” said Tillotson.
Assistant coach Jennifer Cisneros has been working with the team for about three seasons.
She enjoys helping the girls with questions that she had when she was a player and making the new players feel “comfortable and confident.”
Monroy has some goals for this season.

Hannah Monroy is making the play against the Bullard Knights in a scrimmage on Feb. 23. (Anaya Ponce)

“I want to win it all. Becoming CMAC champs when we were so close last season winning it all,” said Monroy.
Tillotson also has some goals for this season.
“I want us to win the Valley Championships,” said Tillotson.
Many members of the team are new to the sport.
“I would say the returners right now are helping the girls a lot since half are new girls,” said Cisneros. “Since lacrosse is new to a lot of girls I just tell them to try it out and see how they like it.”
Tillotson encourages everyone to come out and watch the games.
“We play every Tuesday and Thursday so come watch,” said Tillotson.
Lots of girls try out for lacrosse each season even it occurs at the same time as soccer, track and badminton, but Cisneros encourages girls to join.
“I would tell them to give it a try,” she said. And she encouraged new players to never give up and keep practicing.
“…asking questions about what to do always will help you and to break that fear of shyness,” said Cisneros.