Samarano’s journey to the ring

National championship boxer has Sanger roots


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Sophomore Alyssa Samorano spars with one of her coaches before a match.

Sophomore Alyssa Samorano has shown the nation she really packs a punch after earning the USA national championship not once but twice.
She has competed in 26 fights during her six year boxing career winning 21 and losing only five. But she is most proud of the double wins at the national level and she is looking forward to another competition on Feb. 8.
“Alyssa is representing Sanger, in addition to being the champion for these boxing tournaments. [It is] one the biggest achievement that Alyssa will take in her boxing resume, respect, and being a well renowned fighter throughout the country,” said her father Albert Samorano, who has been coaching his daughter since 2019 after she showed a great passion for boxing.
Samorano said his daughter has earned many championship accolades at state, regional fights as well as nationals Silver gloves.
She has traveled many places but she states that her favorite places she has visited during her boxing journey are Texas, Louisiana and Kansas City.
Not only does she have outstanding skills, she continues to train very hard and she has aspirations to box at the Olympic level.
“When I made it to the state championships I was really excited! I knew it was going to be tough, so I worked extra hard,” she said. “After graduation, I plan to go to culinary school to become a chef. However, my main goal is to continue training and eventually become a USA Olympic boxer.”
Alyssa said her mother continues to be a role model.
“She inspired me because she would always tell me stories about how she would always want to box when she was younger but was too shy,” said Alyssa who started training at age 10.
Boxing has presented many ups and downs and Alyssa has faced many challenges. But she never gives up.
“I want to give a special shout out to my gym Sanger Boxing,” she said. “And a special thanks to my coaches for supporting me through this amazing journey. Also, a special thanks to those who have supported through the fundraising at the gym,” said Alyssa.
Alyssa was born in Clovis and grew up in Sanger. She has four brothers, leaving her to be the only girl in her family. In her spare time, Alyssa likes to play the guitar and go shopping and run with her brother.
Her father said sponsors are greatly appreciated if anyone would like to help Alyssa for her travel and stay in Missouri as she fights in the next championship.