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Should California change laws to allow school officials to conceal carry?

May 18, 2023

I believe that teachers and staff should not be allowed to carry weapons on campus, it will just cause more danger. If a teacher has a weapon in their classroom no matter how well they hide it the weapon can still end up in the wrong hands or in the hands of a student which is very dangerous. There is no need for weapons on a school campus other than the weapons the police carry when they are on campus, if anyone were to have weapons on campus then it leads students and parents to believe that the school isn’t a safe place for their children to go if weapons are necessary. Weapons are too much of a safety hazard to be carried on campus.

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I believe that teachers and staff shouldn’t be able to carry weapons on campus. Considering the extreme amount of school shootings that are prevalent in the United States, having weapons on a campus could cause more danger. If there were more gun control laws in place that could reduce the amount of school shootings significantly given less access like guns, would make no need for these personnel to carry the weapons at all. Other things like purchasing the weapons, giving proper training to staff and teachers as well as keeping up with said training should be taken into account.

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