Giving her clout for her shout

Take a minute and learn about Aniessa Carrillo’s spirit


Shyla Perez

Carrillo cheering at a Sanger High School football game.

Aniessa Carrillo, a senior, has been cheering for nine years.
This year, she was voted captain of the varsity cheer team and also plays the role of base.
“My coach thought I showed lots of leadership and respect,” Carrillo said, “I was excited to lead my teammates.”
“She was voted by fellow teammates to be this year’s captains but her qualities make her a great coaches pick for captain as well,” Sanchez said.


Carrillo during a halftime performance Christianna Schiotis

Janelle Vega, one of Carrillo’s teammates, remarked that Carrillo is a very committed cheerleader.
“She has very strong leadership skills, but is always open to having others help lead our team,” Vega said.
Carrillo’s varsity head coach, Serena Sanchez, agrees with Vega.
“Aniessa is an all around amazing athlete and cheerleader. She shows great leadership, confidence, physical and mental strength, discipline, is hard working and willingness to learn while at practice, and on and off the field,” Sanchez said.
Vega has known Carrillo for five years. Within their years of being teammates, Carrillo has helped out Vega a lot.
“Something I struggle with is having a positive mindset and she helps a lot with that,” Vega said.

Carrillo participating in the 2022 homecoming float.Christianna Schiotis

While she is also leading the team, Carrillo is also involved in other activities such as:
“ASB, Interact Club, and Best Buddies. This year I am also trying out Hope Sanger. I also coach a youth cheer team,” Carrillo said.

On top of all that, Carrillo is also maintaining a 4.0 grade point average.
Cheer inspires Carrillo to always do better than the day before.
“Cheer has brought me out of my shell. I enjoy dancing and fixing my technique,” Carrillo said.
Along with bettering her skills, Carrillo has improved on working under pressure and being a great teammate, Sanchez stated.
Vega added, “She’s very kind hearted.”
This year, Carrillo has high aspirations for her team.
“I hope we all get stronger and more confident,” Carrillo said.
Sanchez added.
“My mission is to help athletes grow in skills, but in all attributions in life,” she said. “I strive to have each athlete leave my squad with a positive relationship with cheer and confidence within themselves to achieve anything they set their mind on and more.”
Cheerleading takes a lot of spirit, and Carrillo continuously works hard to be “someone who has a lot of spirit and is willing to lead the crowd.”
Carrillo would like to point out that fear will stop you from doing things you enjoy doing.
“Don’t be afraid to try new things. Don’t care if other people judge you,” Carrillo said.