Aaron Castro, Reporter

Many students enroll in a variety of subjects, but your ability to achieve and receive appreciation for your accomplishments may depend on the classes you choose and the way you manage your time.
When comparing students who take augmented classes to those who don’t, there is discussion over who should be eligible for valedictorian.
Some variations include a raised GPA and harder courses. To treat these students equally in terms of being the valedictorian would be unfair.
In terms of pathways specifically, they have experience working with students and observing the transition of upcoming graduates into a variety of different workspaces and destinations.
Pathways are designed to enable more students to efficiently complete courses that lead to career progression and higher education while also improving learning and graduation rates.
As they are put in a far more difficult setting and their education is not based on the same educational outcome, students in augmented classes should get the honor of being considered for valedictorian when it comes to that decision.
Students who have augmented classes have taken the opportunity to grow in a specific work and learning space of their choice.
It has been demonstrated that students who are on a set path receive greater structure and direction. This makes them more likely to enroll for the courses that are more crucial to their chosen career – which will benefit them in the future.
These same students have opted to have their education set to a different level of necessity and relevance to their future careers because they have chosen that path.
A student who may be in a pathway or have an augmented schedule excels in an advanced or honors class is equally impressive as, if not more so than, a “non-pathway” student.
While it is impressive to demonstrate success in school without a track, it is more impressive to do so in a pathway when your education is based on your future.
There is a difference between choosing to put in the hard work that is required of you and applying yourself to an education that will be structured for you, but rather something they must keep in order to achieve in education that requires more time and effort.